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Life to the world now has 48 house  churches planted out in the field, but many more are needed. Our goal is to send out thousands of church planters to the harvest field. You can help today by sponsoring a church planter for as little as $30 per month. It takes between $120-$240 to fully sponsor a native church planter depending on family size and location. When you sponsor, you will receive a biography and photo of your church planter as well as our newsletter. Updates of your sponsored missionary will be sent twice a year.

Our goal is to create healthy and locally supported Christ-centered churches. In order to promote this healthy support, we provide only enough support to provide for basic living expenses. The exact amount is determined by our field office and is given on the basis of various factors including their location and number of family members.

Another goal is for them to be eventually self-supported through the churches that they have established.


To support these goals, we will find multiple sponsors for each to insure an adequate and consistent support base. All support goes to the General Missionary Fund and is then used to meet the various needs of the missionaries such as monthly support, house rent, medical emergencies, evangelistic meetings, ministry tools, field supervision, education, and administration. 










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