Why All Need Jesus!

Why is Jesus unique and all people need Him to have salvation irrespective of their religion of birth and caste .

1. Jesus is unique that he is a historical fact and not like any story found in some religions and the only one who lived without sin , defeated the death and rose again on the third day and did miracles and signs and wonders that no one could ever did or can do. He is the only one born of a virgin and not of any human father by the power of the holy spirit. All other people and religious leaders are born of human parents and died and they are finished. Jesus is the only one who is coming again to judge the dead and living.

2. All most all religions recognize the importance of blood in taking away sins . Without shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin. Jesus blood was sinless as he was born by the power of God , Holy Spirit and His blood only can wash away our sins if we confess and forsake our sins. For every disobedience must be paid a fine. Our sins are to be paid off to get away from the wrath of God. Jesus did that for you and for me. It is a good news.
3. Only through Jesus, we can get holy spirit(the power of God) that can change us from our sinful ways. In no other religion, this promise is made available. All other religions emphasis on ritualism not having any power to change the heart s of man. But Jesus is changing hearts of men and women through His power, Holy Spirit. . In no other place this promise is made and man has to work out his salvation. We are like a man bound by rope. somebody needs to cut the rope to set him free . This is the same with human sin. Needs somebody helps us to change. Only in Jesus it is promised that God gives Holy Spirit to change our hearts and mind that we can have new life and not in any other religions.
4. The credibility of its founder.
A tree is known by the fruits it produces. There are many so called prophets and teachers. They claim to be prophets and teachers from God. . But their life does not match with that they are from God. Jesus lived without sin, he did not marry, he did miracles and sings , gave life to death people, opened the eyes of the blind, walked on the sea, cleansed the leapers. It shows that He is from God and we can follow Him. But the founders of some other faiths, had miserable personal life, married child at 6 years of age, took adopted son’s wife , led fight etc. Credibility is very important to see if one needs to follow the founder/leader.
Every man and woman needs to stand before the God one day to give account. It is a wise decision to follow the truth to escape from the wrath of God. Jesus is said I am the way the truth and the life. Every one needs him before it may be too late. Decision is yours! If you would like to know more about please contact us.