Good news to be shared.

God in His great mercy and goodness restored everything to mankind which he lost due to his disobedience through the temptation by Satan. We can again can have a relationship with our creator through Jesus Christ alone as He paid the fine for our sins. We can live forever and can have peace , joy now. God loves us more than we love ourselves. He is loving Father and you are never out of His sight anytime. He will protect us, provide us and under His control our lives will never go out of control. He takes care about every detail of your life. Jesus defeated death and we no need to fear death any more. As He rose again , we also will rise again one day those who put His trust in Him and accepted Him as His Lord and savior. God created you to worship Him and love Him in response to His love for us. It is our choice what we do with our lives. We have choice to do what we do with our lives but we are not free from the consequences of our choice. All need to hear the good news of God’s love and His everlasting purpose for us. It pleased God to give us a kingdom which will never perish and in which we will live forever with all God’s blessings. Let us share this with others and let us chose to follow our loving merciful God now. Tomorrow may be late. Now the door is open for all.